From $1,350/month to $800/hour, I did it in 12 years.
I was torturing the data before people called it "big data". I was specialized in operations research and working on forecasting and optimization projects before people started to define and promote "analytics". I was building multi-layer fully-connected recurrent neural networks before "deep learning" became a buzzword.
I don't recall when my profession got its new name "data science". All of a sudden, the folks in my circle are either working on "big data analytics", or are trying to become "data scientists".
As a professor, I find my passion in mentoring students and helping them land the dream jobs. As a consultant, I enjoy making my clients look better and get promoted. To replicate the success to a broader audience, I created this blog, with the hope that more people can join this profession, unlock the power of data for their organizations, and rise to the top of the org chart.
Hope you enjoy reading TAO: The Analytics Officer, and best luck with your data science journey!

Tao Hong, PhD
September 1st, 2017