Career Paths of The Analytics Officers

We human beings subconsciously and sometimes consciously ask ourselves: where am I, where am I from, and where am I going? The answers characterize the path we are on. Since the aim of this blog is to push the analytics people up the career ladders, I'm going to start with a discussion about the career paths of the analytics officers. In the next three posts, I will answer the following three questions about the analytics officers:
I'll use The Sales Masters (TSM, a company I just made up) as an example. The C-Suite of TSM has all the seats one can think of, including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Finance Officer, and so forth. The organization chart of TSM is shown below:

Org Chart of TSM

TSM's core business is sales, which is under COO's belt in our TSM example. A typical sales career progresses with growing territory and management responsibilities, from manager of an account to a region (i.e., a few states), to a country, and then to the globe. An account manager is an individual contributor dealing with the individual accounts or customers. The account managers of a region (e.g., several states) report to a regional sales manager, who oversees the sales activities of the region, approves discounts and make hiring/firing decisions. The regional sales managers of a country report to the country manager, who sets the annual targets and compensation plans for the regions. A country manager may also oversee the pre-sales team, which is not shown in the above org chart. Eventually these skip-level managers then report to the head of global sales, the COO.

In this short blog series, we will consider TSM selling anything, such as cars, fashion goods, or consumer electronics. Nevertheless, we can apply the same analogy to other types of organizations, such as marketing firms, manufacturing companies, hospitals and banks.

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