Where are The Analytics Officers?

The analytics officer is the person sitting closest to or right on top of the org chart and responsible for transforming data into actionable insights. Two dimensions define the position:
  • its level in the org chart, and 
  • the analytics content of the job.
The highest level the analytics officer can reach is in the C-Suite. When the position directly reports to the CEO, the job title may be Chief Analytics Officer (CAO). This is an indication of the enterprise-wide push of data-driven decision making. The result on the org chart is an analytics layer embedded to most if not all of the other divisions, from sales, the mainstream business, to its supporting functions such as IT, accounting and human resources.

Sometimes the analytics officer shares a C-suite seat with other another top executive. When the seat is shared between CAO and Chief Information Officer (CIO), the position is called Chief Information & Analytics Officer (CIAO). When the seat is shared between CAO and Chief Data Officer (CDO) , the position is called Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO).

When CAO does not exist in the C-Suite, the position may be at a vice president. For instance, since the analytics officer is responsible for the analysis of data, which is typically gathered and governed by the IT department, the analytics officer may own the title Vice President of Analytics, reporting to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Alternatively, the analytics officer may report to the Chief Operating Officer of TSM, who owns the sales operations, the mainstream business of TSM.

In some organizations, the analytics teams are at lower levels of the org chart. The title of the team lead could be director or manager of analytics. For instance, under a marketing director, there could be an analytics team analyzing the customer data and help develop the marketing campaign programs.

In some org charts, the analytics officer may be on an individual contributor role directly reporting to the head of a business unit, with a job title like strategist, consultant, specialist or data scientist. Regardless what the job title is, the higher this position is on the org chart, the more influencing power this analytics officer has on the business decisions, and the more analytics the organization relies on when making those decisions.

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